SW900 Display / 3000w Manual

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SW900 LCD Display


Even though you can see only 6 main readings on the display, there are 14 usable functions/settings you can access and adjust based on your needs.

This is a list of what you will find behind the scene, to go to settings press and hold the up and down arrow simultaneously, then use the middle to cycle through and save settings and up and down to adjust. :

  • P01 – Display brightness: You can choose from 1 to 3, where 3 is the most bright option (for sunny days).
  • P02 – Kilometres or miles per hour: depending on your location, you can select to display the speed in km (“0” ) or mph (“1”). For this to work properly, you need to set the size of your ebike wheels.
  • P03 – Voltage of battery and motor: this is where you will specify the volts of your battery and motor. You can select 24v, 36v and 48v. Normally, the SW900 is set to 48v so make sure you select the right voltage grade. However, the sw900 will work up to 72V.
  • P04 – Display sleep timer: this come from zero to 60 mins. In this case, zero means your controller will stay on all the time and if 60 mins, it will shut down after 1 hr of no-operation (this will not happen if you are riding your electric bike though).
  • P05 – Pedal Assist levels (PAS): there is a total of five (5) PAS. You will see a bunch of numbers with “v” next to it (meaning voltage), so don’t freak out cos you don’t need to do anything with that. In simple words, you can choose “zero” for 1 to 3 levels of PAS and “one” for 1 to 5 levels of PAS. I personally like the “one” setting, since it lets the system deliver more sensitivity in term of my pedaling efforts.
  • P06 – Wheel size selection: this is where you establish the size of your wheels in inchs. This is important in order to display the right speed you are traveling.
  • *P07 – Speed measuring magnet: this element will be factory calibrated so better not to mess with it. Basically, based on the assistance mode you select and speed limit, it will tell the controller if the motor is delivering the right assistance and therefore if the battery is delivering the correct voltage. This is very important in order to indicate the controller to deactivate the motor if you reach your set speed limit. Ask your trusted bike shop what would be the right setting if you change the ebike motor.
  • P08 – Speed limit: this is a very important setting since it will help you set the right speed that will comply with the local regulations and your comfortable riding speed.
  • P09 – Zero and Non-Zero Start: This relates to the throttle device activation. A non-zero start means the throttle will have a delay reaction of 1 sec. I believe this relates to safety rather than messing with your patience.
  • P10 – Driving mode: you will see 0, 1 and 2, where “0” is to ride with PAS only, 1 for throttle only and 2 for a combination of the PAS and throttle.
  • P11 – PAS sensitivity: ranging from 1 to 24, where 24 will give you more riding range due to less battery and motor usage.
  • *P12 – PAS start strength: you will find “0” for low strength and 5 for the fullest strength, meaning immediate start.
  • *P13 – PAS magnet type: you will have a 5, 8 and 12 type. This comes factory calibrated and will be directly related to the motor type you ebike has.
  • *P14 – Current limit of the Controller: set by the manufacturer, you will have a range between 1 to 20Ah. Don’t change it if you don’t need it.

the * symbol means factory calibrated.  - credit to electricbikeadvisor.com


SW900 Error Codes.
1 Save.
2 Brakes are active (Not really an error, just an indication)
3 PAS issues (at specific mode).
4 6 km/h cruising. (only supported on certain controllers)
5 Real-time cruising. (only supported on certain controllers)
6 Battery voltage is low.
7 Motor issues.
8 Throttle issues.
9 Controller issues.
10 Communication receiving issues. (Between controller and display)
11 Communication transmitting issues. (Between controller and display)
12 BMS communication issues.
13 Headlight issues.

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